Ewoluto® Single

Pocket door that allows to fix loads


The counterframe as strong as a wall

The smart solution that uses the entire wall

ECLISSE Ewoluto® Single is the pocket door system that allows to hang loads, such as cabinets and shelves, directly on the wall in which it is placed. It allows exploiting the wall that hosts the pocket as a standard wall.

The counterframe is a fully-fledged wall

The patented ECLISSE technology thus solves the problem related to traditional sliding doors. The special structure transforms the counterframe into a real wall, expanding the possibilities for interior design.

Ewoluto® and disability

ECLISSE Ewoluto® Single does not interfere with the moving spaces and does not interfere with the passage of a wheelchair, which can slide freely and without any obstacles. It is also used to fix the security and support handles in the bathrooms.


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What you should know

The ECLISSE Ewoluto® model is available either in single or double door version, only for solid wall. The use of chemical dowels for anchoring ensures a maximum load capacity up to 360 kg close to the wall.


ECLISSE Ewoluto® Single SOLID WALL version

Ewoluto Single

Solid wall version

Protruding close plaster mesh

It joins the counterframe (50x25 mm) with the wall becoming an integral part of it, thus offering an increasing grasp of the laster. The finished wall won’t have faults.

Extractable track system (patented)

It is always possible to substitute worn mechanisms and to add accessories.

Vertical reinforced bars (solid wall version)

Made of doubled-up metal sheet, bent so that they form a single body with the solid wall. They ensure greater resistance in what would otherwise be a weak point in the counterframe where cracks in the plaster could begin to form, as it is the furthest point from the wall studs.

16 horizontal reinforcing bars

16 horizontal bars attached to the plasterholding mesh lends great resistance and rigidity to the counterframe, so that it can effectively counter the tension generated by brickwork and solid walls. Robustness is fundamental as the frame effectively replaces a portion of the wall. There are 32 bars with double leaf.

Stopped embossed metal sheet

Thickness 0.7 mm. The bosses are reliefs that prevent any deformation in the sheet. They are a guarantee of great robustness and rigidity.