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Functionality and elegance in compact spaces

When you have a limited space, customised furnishing solutions are often required. Sliding pocket doors are the ideal solution, since they disappear when they are open, without occupying any excessive space.

ECLISSE sliding pocket door systems
ECLISSE sliding pocket door counterframe for stud wall version

Why should you choose an ECLISSE open structure?

An open structure refers to a sliding pocket door system for stud walls consisting of horizontal bars (3) and vertical reinforced bars (6), closed at the top by an header (1), where the track is installed.
The result is a sturdy and reliable structure.

1. Easy and quick installation

Suitable pockets above the track and along the rear bar allow to fasten the frame to the studwork directly from inside the box. Even when the space is limited, the frame can be fixed in the most proper way.

2. Practicality and versatility

If the ECLISSE frame is required, it can be adapted to studwork measuring both 75 mm and 100 mm (KIT version) in width. This results in a greater practicality and in a quicker installation process.

3. Anti-bending

ECLISSE frames for stud wall are characterised by 12 horizontal reinforced and dovetail shaped bars, made of 7/10 mm galvanised metal sheet guaranteeing high resistance to lateral compression.

4. Vertical reinforced bars

The vertical bars are made from 12/10 galvanized steel with a double reinforcement fold for high bending resistance.

5. Greater sturdiness

When laying the plasterboard, depending on the requirements, a single or double layer can be used. With the ECLISSE open-structure frame, an additional 6 mm-thick layer can be fitted without altering the thickness of the finished wall. The wall will be even more solid and insulated.

6. Smooth sliding

The ECLISSE runners with ball bearings (certified) last longer and ensure smooth and silent sliding movements. The standard load-bearing capacity is 100 kg per pair (150 kg on request).

Higher resistance

Our laboratory tests have shown that the ECLISSE sliding pocket door systems with open structure are 20% more resistant to lateral bending compared to most products currently available on the market. This is essential to ensure that the correct sliding of the door.

ECLISSE stud wall counterframe robustness
ECLISSE sliding pocket door counterframe for solid wall version

The right sliding pocket door system for crack-resistant plaster

Sliding pocket door systems designed for solid wall guarantee the same results as the sliding pocket door systems for stud wall in terms of installation practicality and functionality.

The problem to avoid, when choosing a sliding pocket door system for solid wall, is the appearance of unpleasant cracks on the finished wall.

ECLISSE has solved cracking problems by adopting special design solutions, in order to guarantee a product that always meets expectations.

1. Protruding knurled mesh

It is made with a thick and knurled mesh (50 x 25 mm) to improve the plaster adhesion to the metal sheet. The mesh protrudes from the frame by a few centimetres semplifying the installation. Lastly, the patented weld-free system for attaching the mesh to the counterframe prevents the arising of rust and possible mesh detachments.

2. Micro-ribbed filler plate

Embossing is a punching process that creates relief elements on a smooth metal sheet panel. These 7/10 mm-thick protrusions increase the rigidity and the sturdiness of the frame.

3. Horizontal reinforced bars

16 bars hooked to the plaster mesh make the sliding pocked door system extremely resistant and rigid. These two properties allow to effectively counter the tension generated by the growth of the plaster.

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