Handles for wooden sliding doors

Handles for doors with jambs


Lock kits and handles for raw Tanganyika and laminate wooden doors

The ECLISSE standard lock kit with integrated pull lever, offers numerous advantages over the traditional finger pull:

  • the comfort in gripping the door is much greater

  • the door panel stop is neater and more elegant, without the hole of the finger pull above the plate

  • in the double door models the absence of the protruding finger pull thickness allows the edges of the two sliding door panels to join perfectly, preventing any light from passing between the closed door panels

  • it is included as standard in the ECLISSE lock kit

In addition to these handles, raw Tanganyika and laminate wooden doors can also host the handles of the Cassiopea sliding line.

ECLISSE standard lock kit with pull lever

ECLISSE standard lock kit with pull lever


The brass finish (painted polished brass - antique smoked scratched - polished chrome - satin chrome) is available*, both round and square, as:

  • kit fitted for cylinder

  • kit with lock and keyhole

  • kit with lock and thumb turn

  • kit without lock

*Check with your dealer if a specific combination of lock kit type and finish is available in your country.


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