Syntesis® Flush Collection

A new style for a perfect linear wall


Furnishing with style and minimalist design

ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Collection includes sliding pocket doors without jambs and architraves, solutions for hinged doors flush with the wall and an innovative baseboard profile in a complete modular system for a contemporary and minimalist design.

ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Collection leaves room for interpretation.
A complete new concept, with integrated technologies that enhance the qualities of the door becoming a real furnishing object.

flush pocket door system

Why should you choose a flush solution?

Syntesis® sliding pocket door systems guarantee a perfect result in terms of practicality and aesthetic. Fully integrated into the wall thanks to the special profiles without jambs and architraves, Syntesis® models are the perfect solution in a modern context.

  • Extractable track system (patented).

  • Easy installation thanks to the alignment bar (Patented).

  • Special knurled mesh (solid wall version) to improve the adhesion of the concrete to the metal sheet.

  • Pre-coated profiles (solid wall version).

  • Crack-resistant design.

  • Thermoplastic transparent gaskets for a soft closure of the door.


Looking for the perfect installation?

Once again, the details make the difference guaranteeing the product installation without wasting time and effort. A perfect installation process should always be the final goal of every installer.

Discover our strengths

Resin-coated integrated-structure profiles

Vertical reinforced bars, the top beam and the metal door stop are pre-treated with a special resin which aids adhesion of the final finishing layer.

Resin-coated integrated-structure profiles
allineamento telaio filomuro

Alignment bar

It allows a solid joint between the frame and the metal stop jamb during the installation. It guarantees a perfect centred position.

Choose the flush version you prefer


A system for one or two sliding pocket door panels without jambs and architraves.
Models available for solid wall and stud wall.

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The system allows to install electric wiring, thermostats, sockets and light switches.
Models available for solid wall and stud wall.

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A frame for one or two hinged door panels without jambs and architraves for a flush-with-the wall solution. Suitable for both solid wall and stud wall.

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Elegant and discrete.
A sliding pocket door system specifically designed to install an all-glass hinged door.
Complete with specific handle.

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A solution for technical compartments and hatches perfectly concealed in the wall. For solid wall and stud wall.

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The baseboard is designed to furnish spaces in an elegant, modern and minimalist style. For solid wall and stud wall.

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