Aluminium coating profile for flush pocket doors


Aluminium decorative profile

The element of junction

Made of aluminium, the new ECLISSE Mimesi profiles have been developed to allow flush pocket door models of the ECLISSE Syntesis® Collection to communicate with an ECLISSE 40 frame installed nearby and to create a harmonious, consistent interior.

Thanks to their linear and minimalist design, the profiles only cover the visible thickness of the wall respecting the characteristic essentiality of a flush pocket door system and at the same time offering continuity to the style of your space.


Why ECLISSE Mimesi?

The name comes from the ancient Greek and means "imitation".
Since ancient times it is used in philosophy, by Plato to designate the resemblance of the things of the perceptible world to their universal ideal, and by Aristotle to identify the constructive process that bring to life the pure ideal that's in the artist's soul.
ECLISSE Mimesi recalls the finish of the ECLISSE 40 profiles, it imitates them indeed, becoming the element of connection between different products.


ECLISSE Mimesi - aluminium coating profile
ECLISSE Mimesi - coordinated with ECLISSE 40

ECLISSE Syntesis® Line   |   ECLISSE 40   |   ECLISSE Syntesis® Line Battente

A comprehensive concept

ECLISSE Mimesi is available in different colours to exactly match the finish of the ECLISSE 40 frame.

The profiles are applied on the perimeter of the doorway of Syntesis® pocket door models, to cover the wall thickness, and are compatible with wooden doors and with glass and aluminium doors.
They are not compatible with glass door.

Available finishes:

ECLISSE Mimesi - RAL 9010 white finish

RAL 9010 white

ECLISSE Mimesi - light bronze finish

Light bronze

ECLISSE Mimesi - dark bronze finish

Dark bronze

ECLISSE Mimesi - graphite bronze finish

Graphite bronze


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