Motorised unit for sliding pocket doors

Electronic unit for the motorised movement of sliding pocket doors

The electronic opening and closing device

ECLIS 5 is the intelligent electronic system that performs a fast opening and a soft closing movement, simultaneously for both leaves in the case of double door models.
Installed into the pocket, it is totally invisible from the outside.

Can be combined with wooden or glass doors up to 70 kg.
Available for single or double door version.

Note: ECLIS 5 uses a belt drive with lower performances in terms of speed and noise compared to the E-MOTION.

How does it work?

Once the installation is completed, the electronic system self-sets detecting passage size, weight and friction of the door, in order to set the opening-closing optimal parameters.
In the event of a power failure, the device provides for the manual opening of the door panel after 10 seconds.

Optional fittings:

  • Active infrared sensor with variable detection area
  • Remote control with receiver card and 1, 2 or 4 buttons (the number of buttons depends on the number of frames equipped with a power unit).

Note: when combined with an already installed pocket door, the passage width is reduced by approx. 80 mm.

Electronic unit for the motorised movement of sliding pocket doors


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