Cassiopea handles for hinged doors

Design and push-pull handles for Syntesis® hinged doors


Cassiopea handles for hinged doors with no external finishes

The Cassiopea model is available as basic handle, with lock and keyhole, with lock and thumb turn or fitted for cylinder (not included).
Designed with a magnetic latch to close softly and discretely, the bolt remains flush with the panel thickness when the door is open. It is attracted to the magnetic strike plate when closing, with no need to press the handle.


Door pull handles

The door pull handle is a special handle with a push-pull button. The handle is only available for the pull version and is installed on the door panel side flush with wall. It is completed with a paintable covering cap to be positioned on the back side of the door panel.

Available in round (∅ 32 mm) or squared (30x30 mm) shape.

Not suitable for ECLISSE Syntesis® Line Battente Double.

Handle with double pull lever

The handle is positioned on both sides of the door panel and has a special magnetic lock which allows the closure without the need of the mechanical block.
It is available for both the push and pull versions and it has a size of 30x60 mm.

To be installed on 45 mm thick door panels only.
For its installation it is required a special processing on the door panel.


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